Empower Nigeria ...A clear path to enterpreneurship

Choose a partner today, and get financial, technical and material support.

Financial Support

Our goal at Empower Nigeria is to make the journey to becoming an Entrepreneur as hassle-free as possible.

For this reason, we have teamed up with a number of esteemed financial institutions who are willing the support the dreams of small and medium sized business owners. These partners would provide support to young entrepreneurs in terms of training costs, start-up capital, and other entrepreneurial areas that require assistance and offer reasonable financing options. The entrepreneurs will also be provided with privileged interest rates, knowledge in areas like human resource, marketing, information technology. Empower Nigeria is solidly behind you.

Training Support

Anabel Leadership Academy also supports the Empower Nigeria Initiative in terms of Training and certification.

Anabel Empowerment centres will offer training and certification. They will also provide financial and legal services and provide access to sales, marketing, and technological information. Certified technicians will be on site to train on the technical use of our range of Micro modular machines available at each Empowerment Centre or that may have been purchased from our show room.