Empower Nigeria ...A clear path to enterpreneurship

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Empower Nigeria Initiative provides a platform for the empowerment of millions of unemployed Nigerians all across the country.

This network allows you to reach out to millions of can help you expand your client base, through shared client and contact lists, thus reducing the time and expenses that you usually need in order to find clients. This would allow you to focus on other activities to improve your business such as being updated on business trends, getting resources required by your business, and so forth. By finding reliable business partners and employees, who are recommended by other members of professional networking groups, you save on advertising expenses. In addition to all these benefits, we also show express our dedication to our network by offering these incentives:

  • Weekly news letter which keeps you updates on necessary information needed to jumpstart your business
  • Empower Nigeria Loyalty Card, which entitles the holder to discounts on the prices of some products or services in select stores.
  • Privileged interest rates on any financial partner you choose
  • Loan provision to help in purchasing an Empower Nigeria Machine/Equipment
  • Insurance/ warranty on Empower Nigeria Machine/Equipment.

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